About Normanby Laboratory Services Ltd

Normanby Laboratory Services Limited is co-owned by Paul & Diane Lincoln, Paul’s career background was in the Audiology Department at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. Paul was the Hearing Aid and Earmould Laboratory Manager for over 24 years and was the very first earmould technician to be employed by the NHS to manufacture earmoulds. Paul was approached over several years by other Audiology Departments to manufacture earmoulds for them and discovered that there was a demand for his services

 Normanby Laboratory Services has been awarded NHS preferred supplier status and the company is now on the NHS Supply Chain supplier list for provision of earmoulds. We manufacture an extensive range of custom earmoulds with materials that include Hard and Soft Acrylic, Biopore, Silicone and Acrylon and offer options such as different coloured glitters, picture inserts, different coloured earmoulds etc, to respond to the personal preferences of end users.

 With an extensive background as a senior manager involved in an Audiology department Paul has a deep and though understanding of the nature and workings of an Audiology Department and of the NHS, Paul is highly attuned to the importance of quality and prompt turnaround times, particularly with the advent of current waiting list times for AQP.


client testimonials

Paul and his team are very professional, helpful and approachable.

Fast turnaround times, great quality products, I am very happy with the service.


Mrs Emma Walsh
Audiology Service Manager